5 simple steps to hire escorts for sex parties

Organizing a casual event is difficult, but not as hard as throwing a proper sex party. With this kind of celebration you have to focus less on food, drinks, and music, and more on the people involved. You need to ensure that a significant number of members of each sex attend the event and that they are sexually attractive. Paid companions are the ideal guests for this kind of affairs, and if you have not figured it out where to meet them, you should check these five simple steps to hire escorts for sex parties:

Step 1: make sure that she is a call girl

Ads for independent escorts can be found anywhere from newspapers to online websites such as the Escort Directory, social media and even on the bathroom walls of the local pub. When you contact a paid companion make sure that she is open to attending a sex party. Some models practice this profession without guaranteeing sexual services. In fact, there are hot, sexy girls that only accompany men to casual events, so nail down the terms of your agreement right from the start.

Step 2: keep the negotiation simple

Once the escort confirms that her services include sex parties as well, it is time to talk about the financial part of the deal. Negotiate wisely but make your propositions straight to the point. Find out what kind of fetishes she is willing to do, and which fantasies she would never practice. This strategy will enable you to weed out any of the possible paid companions that would ruin your event with a prudish attitude.

Step 3: decide the number of escorts

One of the most important steps in organizing a sex party is establishing the number of paid companions that you will hire. The guest list will differentiate widely from its inception and up to the night of the event, but the number of call girls that you hire will remain the same. The last thing you want is having too many guys smothering a single escort with their pick-up lines and their lascivious flirting. Also, you wouldn’t want to pay for too many models and run out of money for food, drinks and sex toys.

Step 4: hire experienced models

When you interview escorts for a sex party ask them to offer an honest presentation of their experience. You need to know what sexual fetishes they master and how far are they willing to go during such an event. Also, it is of significant advantage if they can bring their sex toys or other devices that would spark up the excitement during the orgy. On the other hand, an inexperienced paid companion will only make the atmosphere worse, and the other guests feel awkward.

Step 5: prepare your next sex party

Once you get a taste of organizing sex parties, you will become addicted to this type of events. In fact, as soon as you will get your next paycheck, you will probably be hosting another, more extravagant orgy. Make sure to take the contact details of every escort you know to ease with the proceedings for the next sexual celebration.